Deputy Harold HeuszelIn 1990, Harold was invited by Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen to join the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy. Intrigued by this opportunity to pursue something completely different from dentistry, Harold entered the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy in January of 1991. Once again, he excelled in the academic arena graduating in the top 5% of his class and earning his Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) license in 1992.

After graduation from the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy, Harold was assigned to the Marine Division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). In 1993, he was promoted to Training Sergeant for the Marine Division and also participated in the HCSO Dive Recovery Team. During this time he began participating in the HCSO land patrol program to increase his knowledge of law enforcement procedures and best practices. In 1994 he was awarded an Intermediate Peace Officer certificate from TCLEOSE. Several years later Harold was promoted to Lieutenant in District I of the HCSO Reserve Patrol Division.

Experience and sound judgement led to his promotion to Captain of HCSO Reserve Patrol Bureau (West Division).

Harold’s passion for the Reserve Organization led him to receive his TCLEOSE Instructor certificate in 1996 and he began instructing both regular and reserve classes in the training program at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Academy. He taught a variety of classes including Emergency Medical Training, Communication and Report Writing and assisted in the Firearm Training Program.

Deputy Harold Heuszel with Sheriff Tommy Thomas

In 2000, Sheriff Tommy Thomas asked Harold to aid in developing a Reserve program that would assist the HCSO Detective Bureau in local and fugitive warrant apprehension. The success of this endeavor led to Harold’s assistance in developing a “Law Enforcement Flying Armed” course to enhance the fugitive recovery program. During this time Harold enjoyed instructing deputies in regard to transporting prisoners from other states using commercial aircraft.

In 2006 he was promoted to Major of the HCSO Reserve Detective Bureau. He attended and received a Taser Instructor License from Taser International in 2004 and in 2006 went on to achieve a Master Peace Officer certificate from TCLEOSE. This is the highest level of education that any peace officer can attain.

As a result of the 2008 elections there was a change in leadership within the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. When the newly elected sheriff takes office it often leads to major changes in administrative staff as the new sheriff brings in his own command staff. Therefore, Harold retired as Assistant Chief of HCSO Reserve Command. While a door had closed for him in Harris County, Harold still had a passion for law enforcement and the communities they serve. He joined the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office in 2008 and was assigned to land patrol duty where he continues to work today.

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