Making a Difference..

One night while out on a Warrant Task Run, our team located a stolen vehicle.  This is not an unusual occurrence as I had trained my team to run license plates while idling in our units or while driving to and from one warrant address to another.  This day stays in my mind confirming how our work on the street was making a difference for the county.  This incident turned up as a stolen vehicle, stolen gun, two open felony warrants and most of all, a seizure of 180 plus grams of crystal meth.  When you realize that this much crystal meth can come from the street, it makes you believe that you have actually saved lives by seizing it.  The training, hard work and consistency of My Warrant team made a difference in the community in which we live.  It was by persistence in checking on license plates and suspicious vehicles that we were able to take this crime and criminal activity off the street.

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